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Cat Rea is a force to be reckoned with, her voice carries anthems and her heart carries freedom. Writing songs that are as powerful as the story she lives, this is an artists you do not want to miss.


Combining enigmatic visual artistry, thought-provoking lyric writing, and genuine wonder, Rebekah Fitch is a new artist that will spark intrigue. 


Joshua Luke Smith is a wordsmith packed with ammo. As a poet, rapper, and producer he creates from the mandate to ‘Speak Into The Chaos’. 


Stabal Bookings is a dedicated platform showcasing the UK’s best Christian Music and artists, built on the foundations of over 15 years of management experience. The Stabal team champions UK music and artistry through mentoring, management, co-ordinating worldwide tours and running the UK’s premier booking agency.
This unrivalled insight and wealth of connections in the Christian music scene, makes Stabal Bookings a trusted bank of incredible and diverse talent. So from hip hop to rock, worship to folk, this is the place to find exactly what you need for your event. Visit the Artist section and submit your request today.



Margate-based mas are fronted by Steph and Michael Dickinson. Involved in writing and performing music for many years, 2019 saw the culmination of much creative work as they released their debut E.P, Songs of the Silent Years, produced by Jonny Bird. Their songs are...


Promoting Your Event on Facebook

Maybe it seems obvious, but the success of a Facebook event promotion initiative will live or die with a Facebook events page, set it up well, and it will be easier to find success. Choose a cover photo that’s 1920x1080 pixels. Your cover photo should feel exciting,...

Stabal’s guide to local promotion

Promoting a local event is hard work. To get any event to full capacity means understanding that you need to adopt a work hard ethic to ensure this.   1. Identify Artist/author demographic - This would be age, likes and people group of the consumer who would like this...

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